In the milling department there are 4 high speed portals and 12 milling machines with maximum strokes of 6000x3000, 2 gantry cranes of 30 and 40 tons



MECOF Dinamill Corse: 4000x3000x1500  
MECOF Dinamill RP Corse: 5500x3500x1500  
PARPAS HSP40 Corse: 4000x2500x1000  
OMV PHS912 Corse: 1200x800x500  
MECOF Cs500 Corse: 4000x1700x1000 n.2  
MECOF Cr15 Unica Corse: 2500x1200x1000 n.2  
MECOF Performa Corse: 2300x1000x1200  
OERLIKON Cmm Corse: 6000x2200x1000  
OERLIKON Mt4 Corse: 3000x1400x1400  
OERLIKON Mt4 Corse: 3000x1500x1500  
PARPAS BF130 Corse: 2600x1300x1200  
OERLIKON Mt2 Corse: 2000x1000x1000  
OERLIKON Fb4 Corse: 2400x1200x1100  
OERLIKON Fb2 Corse: 1800x800x600  

2D Mechanical 

2D Mechanical, heads with continuous positioning which allow us to work in depth on dies and die-holders of medium and large dimensions.

In the department there is no.1  40-ton bridge crane



PARPAS Ml90 Corse: 6000x2500x1000  
PARPAS Ml130 Corse: 5000x2500x1250  
MECOF Mec Mill Corse: 6000x3000x1300  

Deep Drilling

Details in drilling: dies, die holders, matrixes, punches, plungs and rods.



KOMAK Corse: 5000x3000x2000 fori da Ø 5 a Ø 80  
IMSA MFT2000 Corse: 2500x2500x2000 fori da Ø 5 a Ø 40  
IMSA MFT1500 Corse: 2000x2000x1500 fori da Ø 5 a Ø 40  
IMSA MFT1200 Corse: 1500x1200x1200 fori da Ø 2 a Ø 25  
IMSA MFT1000/2F Corse: 1000x1000x1000 fori da Ø 4 a Ø 25  
GIANA TB1000 Foratura a colpo unico L.4700 fori da Ø 30 a Ø 250  
IMSA MFT1000 Foratura a colpo unico L.1000 fori da Ø 2 a Ø 20  
IMSA MFT1500 Foratura a colpo unico L.1500 fori da Ø 19 a Ø 25  
IMSA MFTB1500 Foratura a colpo unico L.1500 fori da Ø 19 a Ø 45  
IMSA MFTB1500CR Foratura a colpo unico L.2000 fori da Ø 19 a Ø 60  

Technical Department, CAD CAM Systems

N. 1 CATIA station
N. 3 TEBIS stations constantly updated for the milling department.
N. 5 RTM stations constantly updated for the deep drilling and 2D mechanical department.
N. 1 FTP station for the exchange of data.

We can handle files in the following formats: .igs/.stp/.catia/.cad